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Hi there, I'm
Dave Wasmer.

I've been helping build an amazing product experience at Kinvey for the past two years. Here, you'll find some of my writing and other work.

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I've taught several Node and Backbone classes in the past, and currently am offering private training in frontend development (I accept new students on a case-by-case basis, shoot me a note if you are interested).



  • Enterprise and the Mobile Web

    Large companies are turning to the mobile web, and tools like Backbone are uniquely positioned to provide a compelling solution.

  • UX Mental Models

    Good UX design leverages existing mental models. But what happens when you introduce a concept with no easy real world metaphors?

  • Backbone Lightening Round

    A lightening round introduction to arguably the most popular JavaScript framework out there.

  • Running Untrusted Code In Node

    Running untrusted code in node in a safe mode while handling the lode.

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You can reach me at davewasmer@gmail.com, or on Twitter @davewasmer